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Aman Ali

Aman Ali is a standup comedian that is not afraid to speak his mind. His jokes cross age, cultural and religious barriers with the intention of bringing people together with his humor. Gently wrapped behind every one of his slapstick jokes are deeper messages of understanding that leave his audience thinking.

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, he draws much of his material from living in a household with four other brothers . . . and only two controllers on the family Nintendo.

Only 25 years old, Aman is a regular standup comic in comedy clubs all over the New York City area and performs in comedy clubs and on college campuses all across the country. He’s opened for Dave Chappelle and a handful of other acclaimed comics working in the industry today.

His comedic edge comes from his strong background in journalism. He started off his career as a Capitol Hill reporter in Washington D.C. and has traveled across the country covering presidential races, New Orleans to cover the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and Hawaii of all places to cover hula festivals.

He's been featured in national media like the New York Times, PBS and MTV for his view points and humor.

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